Zoom, Canon, 2016

How to create cool visual effects with high quality printing in a lamp? This question was the starting point for designing Zoom. 
Something special happens when you turn on Zoom: Illustrations are revealed, hidden layers appear, photo’s come to life. Additionally, printing gives endless possibilities to adapt this lamp to any style interior. 
The carrier is transparent and light, so it supports and emphasizes the print. Its characteristic shape, made of thin, see-through plates, firmly held together by small rings, will always be the same. Zoom comes in various shapes and sizes.
The first implementations of Zoom are at the Canon Experience Center in Venlo, Canon stand "bouwbeurs 2017" Utrecht, Canon stand "Sign 2017" Gorinchem and the new office of the Elisabeth Strouven Fund in Maastricht.
Specs: 27 Petg panels, 3 mm thick, full color print, matt varnished, 36 PLA 3D-printed connection rings, E27 socket, basic dimensions: 40 x 40 cm